Getting Exotic At Home

Windsor Escorts know that exotic bedroom lingerie can really turn on their visitors. But what should you wear for your man?

We have taken the opportunity to speak to sex expert and erotic agony aunt Dr Annie Bliss just in time for Valentine’s Day. Auntie Bliss has several different ideas on how you can spice up your love life using exotic and sexy underwear.

Auntie Bliss has spent many years interviewing and working with Windsor escorts, and this has given her a unique insight into the more intimate side of our lives. Dr Bliss gained her PhD in Sexual Science whilst doing research on sexual habits of people from all walks of life, and now runs her own successful web site.

Dress for Sex

Escorts In Windsor love to dress for sex with their partners. For many Windsor escorts putting on sexy lingerie is just like putting on a business suit. They are now ready to go to work and sexy lingerie puts them in the mood for the day ahead.

Most Windsor escorts that I know recognise that their dates visit them because of the exotic lingerie they wear. Sadly many ladies who stay at home all day looking after the family do not get the opportunity to slip into something sexy.

Men do like to see a lady wear something a bit more exotic from time to time, and this is perhaps one of the reasons they feel the need to visit escorts.

Choices Available

There are so many great choices of lingerie available, and it is difficult to say which one is the most exotic. Escorts in Windsor do know that a lot of it is down to personal taste, and once they get to know their dates, they dress accordingly.

The most popular lingerie items are still corsets, basques and bustiers but alternatives such as leather and PVC are not far behind. Sex lingerie is now very main stream, and no longer the exclusive property of porn stars and escorts.

Peek-a-boo bras are very popular at the moment, and with a nice thong and a pair of stockings they look absolutely great. You will notice that a lot of Windsor escorts do pose on their web sites in Pekaboo bras.

Many Windsor escorts still like to wear Baby doll outfits and chemises still remain high on the list.

Exotic Lingerie

When most of us think about exotic lingerie, the word bondage might just pop into our minds. Bondage has always been seen as something as a little bit out of the ordinary but the truth is a lot of bondage wear looks great on the average lady.

You can enjoy wearing the bondage clothing or lingerie without practising bondage. It just looks nice and might just give your partner a bit of a surprise. Sometimes great sex is more about the event than what you actually wear, but first you need to slip into something which gets you into the mood.

As a sex expert and erotic agony aunt I have noticed that we seldom take time out of our busy lives to dress for sex. We are happy to spend time complaining about our sex lives but we seldom do anything about improving them.

Perhaps it is time that we all slipped into something more exotic to enjoy this very important part of our lives more.

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