The longest journey – cheap London escorts

There was once a lorry driver who was going on a long journey. That meant that he would have to go for days without enjoying the comfort of his warm bed and also sex with his wife, though she didn’t care much for sex anymore, at least not as much as he did. Halfway through the journey he got hopelessly horny and could not control his desires for sex anymore. He knew that there are cheap London escorts from all over, and all he wanted was to look for that one lady who could relax him both mentally and physically. Therefore, he decided to make a stop and hire a street escort at a cheap rate who was willing to have sex in the vehicle to help him ease his sexual tension.


The street escorts were not dressed as fancy as the higher priced agency girls usually were, but they were just as talented. They were still sexy, and down for whatever he wanted. He spotted a beautiful redhead with huge tits, a tiny waist, and a plump ass. They talked about the price and he was very happy with her rate because it was well within his budget. However, she said she doesn’t complete services without upfront payment. So he paid and they went back to his lorry. Once they were inside they got right down to business.


After removing their clothes, she went right in for the blowjob he had paid for. She was amazingly talented, and definitely was better at sucking his cock than his wife. She was so good he had to make her stop so he could go ahead and fuck her, otherwise he was about to cum in her mouth and miss out on the pussy he paid for. She was dripping wet, and his cock slid right into her sweet pussy. He thrust deep into her over and over. Then he took it out and shoved it into her tight ass. Anal sex was something he had always wanted to try, but something his wife would not do. He had not had that much pleasure in years. He realized that he had been missing out on making the most of his long distance trips by not hiring an escort before. It was something that he decided would be a new addition to these trips. He might as well anyway; his wife had stopped really caring about sex years ago.

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