The dangers of sex that people don’t talk about

Can you damage yourself during sex? Sex can be risky business. It was not something that I had dwelved on before I started my London escorts career. Some of the girls that I was going to be working with at London escorts clearly had a lot more sexual experience than I did. Their tales of anal sex sessions going wrong freaked me out a little bit, but I soon learn how to have anal sex in a much safer than I would have thought would be possible.

Had I thought that I would enjoy anal sex? I had never in my wildest dreams thought that I would enjoy anal sex until I met Mick and Don. They were two guys in their 40’s who had tons of sexual know how.

I met them for a first time at the Andes club in London, where I had gone with some of my fellow London escorts. They seemed to know the other girls from charlotte London escorts, and one of the girls suggested that I may even enjoy meeting them.

Hooking up with Mick and Don was one of the most exciting things that I had ever done sexually, and they seemed to enjoy my company as well. Some guys really take issue with that you work for a great charlotte London escorts service, but they did not seem to have a problem with my new found London escorts status. I would even say that they were really turned on by it. We ended up spending some time together at the Andesclub. But, it was not until a couple of days later, Mick and Don introduced me to some unexpected pleasure.

I was just about to finish my charlotte London escorts shift for the night, when Mick rang me up. He asked me if I wanted to come to a private party with him and Don. As I had enjoyed their company, I said yes and told the London black cab driver to take me to the address Mick had indicated. A party was just what I need after working my stockings off at London escorts. Little did I know that it was just going to be us three partying, but that did not mean I did not enjoy it.

Mick was really honest with me, and asked me if I had ever been in a sandwich. I knew what he meant and felt myself getting aroused. Soon I found myself lying on a bed being massaged by the two guys. Don started to lube me up all over, and before I knew it, he had lubbed himself up as well. He has me to close my eyes, and before I knew it, he was knocking on my back door. I felt him slip inside, and it felt good. Mick slipped in through my front entrance, and the feeling of being sandwiched between the two men soon grew on me. I wanted to scream of pleasure, and Mick gently held his hand over my mouth. Soon afterwards, I came like never before, and I knew that partying with these two guys, was something I would always look forward to.

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