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Well, it may seem like a crazy question, but it is surely worth asking. Even though the vagina can take care of itself, some harmful bacteria and parasites may be introduced into the vagina and its surroundings, resulting in unpleasant infections such as UTIs and yeast. Here are top tips on how to keep your vagina healthy and happy.

When it comes to your underwear choice, the preference should be cotton. That is why most underwear has a cotton strip in the crotch. Cotton is the preferred material because it breathes and absorbs moisture thus keeping your lower parts humid free says East London Escorts of When you are lying in the house, feel free to go commando so that you may let air in.

Apart from the rubbers protecting you against pregnancy and STDs, a study shows that condoms help to maintain the pH level as required. This means that useful bacteria such as lactobacilli can survive in there. The survival of bacteria is super important since they prevent yeast infections, bacterial vaginitis, and UTIs. This is enough reason to keep it wrapped up!

Doing Kegels is important in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are crucial in giving strong orgasms and improving bladder control says East London Escorts. Thus, consider including Kegels in your daily exercise, and if you already have, keep up the awesome work.

Yogurt that has live cultures helps in boosting the helpful bacteria down there. This is very crucial in preventing the annoying vaginal issues like yeast infections says East London Escorts. Just ensure that you do not take the extra-sugary type, as you may increase the risk rather than reducing it.

Antibiotics are a major threat to your vagina. Those meds can kill some of the powerful bacteria that keep your nether region healthy says East London Escorts. However, if you have no other option, take the medication then drink the Greek yogurt to lessen the damage.

Although new guidelines are advising against annual exams unless you are pregnant or symptomatic, they are vital so that you can talk about your health problems. You can use the time to ask all sex questions that you may be having and checking for STIs too.

Ensure that you do not shift from anal to vaginal coitus before changing the condom or washing up. Doing this exposes your genitals to lots of bacteria and can increase your risk of infections.

Sometimes when you are about to get down, it seems that your vagina is not ready yet. Vaginal dryness is normal and can be caused by many factors such as birth control or antidepressants. Thus, do not go forward before you lube it up.

The scented body soaps may seem nice, but they may do your body more harm than good. Soap may dry the skin around the vulva. Rinsing with warm water is enough to keep things clean down there. However, if you are not comfy going soap-free, stick to gentle, plain and unscented soaps.

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