Shy and never been in an intimate relationship with a girl.

When my friends discuss about their experiences with Mayfair escorts from or girlfriends, I used to feel very awkward and nervous. As I feel very low about my dark complexion and non-masculine body, I never had the guts to approach a girl. I was so scared of sex because of the uncertainty about how I would perform or look that I never even hired Mayfair escorts.

A couple of days ago I thought to confront my nervousness about sex and decided to hire Mayfair escorts to come to my flat.

The most never racking part was the one hour waiting period for the girl whom I hired. Once she arrived I tried to look easy and comfortable, though I was getting jitters in my stomach.

I read somewhere that Mayfair escorts is not only hired for sex, they give you a girlfriend like experience also. They make you comfortable with their friendly approach and behavior. That girl whom I hired was very jovial and with her easy going nature she made me feel comfortable with her within a while.

The way she was talking to me as if she knew me for a quite long time and honestly I had never felt so good with any other girl’s company.

While she was giving me a nice back massage, I was telling her about my anxiety and complexities. Then I told her to lie beside me on bed. With trembling hands, I started to massage her vagina, inner thighs, and kissed her breasts. My hands were shaking quite a bit at the beginning but with passing time I started to enjoy her body.

After that I told the girl to give me a blowjob, believe me it was the most extreme part of the entire experience. When she started to massage my balls over the underwear I felt very nice but at the moment she put her hands inside it, I became nervous.

My face turned pale and I started to take deep breath. The girl suddenly smiled and marked a kiss on my forehead and said “don’t be tense.” When she actually started giving me blowjob, the feeling was indescribable.

Due to my anxiety, I was not getting a full erection but she continued to play with my penis. The smell of her body and hair was amazing. For a single moment I didn’t feel that I was with an escort. After sometime I got the right erection and just jumped upon her. With each jerk she was mourning and searching my back. As it was my first experience, I ejaculated very soon. Then we talked for the entire night and in the morning she went off.

While most of the men say that there is nothing special to remember after enjoying sometime with Mayfair escorts, in my case this will be the most cherished moment of my life. She was the one with whom I could share my heart out and all the problems related to sex. That girl made me feel special, confident and helped me to overcome my fear of sex.

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