My Love Interest with Ilford escorts

My friends keep wondering where I go on a Friday night. It is really no great mystery but I do like to meet up with this girl at Ilford escorts from We have been seeing each other for about a year now, and I do think that I am in love with her. Before I started to date her on a regular basis, I used to date a couple of her colleagues. They were great, but to be honest, none of them turned me on as much as my special friend at the escort agency does.


Ilford Escorts
Ilford Escorts

I find it hard to put my finger on what is so special about my favorite lady at Ilford escorts. Perhaps it is the long brunette hair which falls seductively over her shoulders. But then again, it could be that busty top half that never fails to turn me on. Sometimes I just sit there totally transfixed looking at her bosom, and I cannot take my eyes of her two best friends. Actually it might be better to call my two best friends – they are totally amazing and I think they would just about fit into my hands.


My dream girl at Ilford escorts also have a lot of other attributes that I value. For instance she has the most adventurous personality that I have ever come across in my entire life. I thought that I had kind of a an adventurous personality, but to be honest, this girl is something else. She can really set my loins on fire, and on some days, I simply don’t know what to do with myself. She can drive me totally nuts and I love being around her.


One thing is for sure, when she comes around to my place, I never want her to go home. I am sure that many of the gents feel the same about the girls they date at Ilford escorts services, but I think that I am extra passionate about this girl. She totally turns me, and as a complete package, she can only be described as my dram girl at the escort agency. Yes, there are other girls there, but non e of them turn me on as much as this one girl.


Isn’t it funny? You never really know when you are going to meet your dream girl. I never thought that I would meet my dream girl at Ilford escorts services, but now that I have, I love giving the agency call. The only thing is that this girl seems to be the dream date of other gents as well, and I cannot get a date with her all of time. Most of the time, I am lucky, but I cannot say that I am always lucky. One day, I hope that she is just going to come to stay and be with me forever. If that happens, I will be the luckiest and happiest man in the entire world. I keep on dreaming and one day, my dreams of my sweet companion may come true.

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