My date from London escorts scared me


I have met a lot of hot girls at  escorts, but this recent one scared me. Normally I just date outcall escorts, but this time I wanted to try something different. To my peril, I made a date with a dominatrix from London escorts. She was super hot and sexy, but once she started to play, she became rather a scary lady. Mind you, I still enjoyed my date and I would like to come back for more of the same.


Domination is the latest thing here in London, and a lot of London escorts services now offer domination. A couple of my friends had a go at domination, and it kind of sounded fun. After thinking about for a little while, I thought that it might be something that I would like to try as well, so I made an appointment with a lady who was into that sort of thing.


At first, it is really important to establish boundaries. Some guys like to think that they can dive straight in but that is not true at all. It is all too easy to get excited about domination after seeing a video with a  couple of hot girls, but there is a lot to domination that we may not know about. I am sure that once I get the hang of it with my domination specialist from London escorts, I will really enjoy it.


You may wonder why I am interested in domination. Well, I have tried so many different dating styles. I have enjoyed them all but to be honest, I was looking for something new. When you first start dating escorts, I think it is important to be able to start of with things like one to one dating, and then progress to different things. Most recently I tried duo dating, and that was okay but I did not feel that I was participating in the actual date. Yes, it was fun but I was looking for something different where I could actually participate in the date. Checking out London escorts services, I thought that I would give domination a go.


I don’t think that domination is for everybody and you do have to have a lot of experience of dating London escorts to enjoy it. It feels like a bit of a personal risk at first, but then it starts to feel a bit better. Just like anything else, I think that domination has kind of a steep learning curve to it. Yes, I had seen it done in videos and stuff like that, but to actually experience itself, it was rather something different. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy more once I get more into it, and learn more about it. The dominatrix did talk me through everything first of all, and now I know that I can handle it up to a certain level. I think that I will take from here, and progress as I go. It will not be easy but it will be fun to learn a new skill.



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