How to find a mistress in London

Not that I mind using Leyton escorts service for all of my business dates, but I would like to enjoy the company of a sexy companion at other times as well. I have sworn that I am never going to put a wedding ring on my finger since my last marriage went to wall, but I would like to have a mistress. Where in London can you find a mistress? I am not sure but at the moment I am looking around for a genuine mistress.


She would kind of have to be what I call “old school”. In other words I am not sure that any of the girls at Leyton escorts of are suitable. Most of the girls at the escort agency in Leyton are rather young. I like to call them sex kittens but I am not sure that is what you are allowed to call girls these days. Although that ladies I date in London are a lot of fun to be with, I am looking for a lady who has a certain class about her.


I am not sure that I would be having this problem if the escort agency in Leyton had some mature Leyton escorts on their books. For some reason, mature escorts in Leyton do not seem to be popular at all, and I have not even been able to find any mature independent girls. The population is rather young, and I am beginning to feel like the odd one out. But this has been my home for many years, so I would be reluctant to move. I like it here and would rather have a girl based in Leyton.


What would I be offering? Well I have got this flat that the girl could use. Having my own business helps and I think that I would employ her on a salary and offer her expenses. But then again, I do know that a lot of girls are after cash. If she had a nice apartment I would be happy to visit her, and I guess that I could pay her cash. I have not mentioned any of this to the girls at Leyton escorts, and I wonder how they would feel about it if I did so. Having a mistress may seem a little bit old fashioned to them. These days I think that Sugar babes are the thing, but I can’t get my head around that at all.


Would I stop dating Leyton escorts? No, I would not stop dating the girls in Leyton. I still like to date young girls but I would like someone that I could take out for dinner, and in general spend time with. It would mainly be a lot of dinner dating and going out for drinks with my business clients. Of course we would probably do some personal things as well. Also it would be nice to have a companion for foreign holidays and cruises. I would rather like the idea of that. Until I find the perfect mistress for me, I will carry on dating the sex kittens at Leyton escorts.

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