Help! I hate having Sex

Some people just hate having sex. Most men think this applies only to women but this is not true. There are many men who hate having sex or even talking about sex. London escorts are very open minded about sex but many of us are not. We find it difficult to talk about sex, and this is perhaps part of the reason.

London escorts along with other escorts around the world have a certain openness about them when it comes to sex. They are just sexy companions but many Cheap London escorts can appreciate the world of sex as some of them work as exotic dancers as well.

So, why do people not like having sex? Here at the Better Sex offices we sat down with sex expert Dr. Annie Bliss. Dr. Bliss used to work as part of a team of London escorts before she finished her degree. She says that she knows of several reason why some people just hate sex. It is not only London escorts who come across this problem, many others do as well.

Why do people hate sex?

A traumatic childhood can cause somebody to hate sex. It could be that they have been abused or badly treated by friends and family. Many people who are abused when they are very young grow up to dislike sex, and associate sex with love. Sex should be associated with love but on the occasion the abuse is so extreme that the sufferers do not,like being touched.

A person who has for instance been very badly beaten as a child may not even like being hugged, and associate hugging with restrictions of body movement.

No Sex in life

Many children who grew up in a household where there was very little genuine emotion may also come to hate sex later in life. They may never have seen their mom and dad touching each other, and therefore assumed there is no real relationship between their parents.

When you are a parent, it is important to hold and kiss the other person in front of your children so this becomes a natural part of life.

Talk about sex

Children need to learn to appreciate that sex is an ordinary part of life. It is just as normal as eating, it is a physical need that most people have and we need to learn how to express this need in a positive manor. It is not always easy to know how to express sexually at first but young people should have a willingness to explore.

Unfortunately, many parents still leave sex education up to the schools and expect the teachers to become the sex educators in their children’s lives. It is important that parents see this as part of their parental responsibility and start educating their children about sex. If children ask a question, you should always try to explain it in a natural way. We should not be uncomfortable about explaining sex to children. When we can take about sex naturally, we will grow up to become

happy adults with better sex lives and have no reason to hate sex.

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