Good Food in Restaurants

Dinner dating is becoming really popular here at Hackney escorts. More and more gents are asking us out on dinner dates. I don’t have a problem with that at all, but the biggest thing is to stay healthy. Let’s be honest, most of the food which is served up in a restaurant is not exactly healthy. Many of the sauces that are presented to you contain cream and things like that. Looking after my figure for my gents has become considerably more challenging.

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There are healthy alternatives in restaurant and I make sure that I always opt for them. Of course many of my gents at Hackney escorts would like to spoil me and they like to order me steak and things like that. Recently I have started to say that I am allergic to red meat. To be honest, it is packed with cholesterol and I must admit that I find it very hard to digest. Sometimes I even say to my gents that I prefer a healthy option instead.


One of my gents at Hackney escorts that I dine out with a lot has surprised me. He was always into eating red meat and rather unhealthy desserts. Now he has given up on all of that and he eats more healthily. He says that I have inspired him and that he appreciated that his diet was not the healthiest. As a matter of fact, he has lost a great deal of weight and he is beginning to feel a lot fitter he says. I must admit that I have noticed that as well, he does look a lot better.


I think that more restaurants should offer healthy options. Most of my dates at Hackney escorts are businessmen and they do dine out a lot. The healthy options would be so much better for them in many ways but I am not sure that they all realize that. I do talk to them about it, but it can be hard to persuade a guy who has been eating meat and potatoes for most of his life. If you want to do that, you sort of need to do it very gradually. It is not easy at all and some gents are a bit reluctant.


Fish is one of the best options in a restaurant and I have also told my gents at Hackney escorts to look out for steamed food. Steamed food is really good for you and it is normally rather light as well. I steam a lot of my food at home and it tastes delicious. To be fair I never used to be this healthy but I have learned that eating healthily makes me feel good. It has really given my libido a boost and now I feel sexier than ever. If I can do it, I am sure that many of my gents can do it as well. It is a matter of wanting to and being prepared to change your lifestyle, not all gents are prepared to do that.

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