Escort girls from Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge escorts from have a reputation as proving the best and most exclusive escorts services in London. There are more elite Knightsbridge escorts agencies in Knightsbridge than in any other part of town. It is said that Knighstbridge escorts are the best paid in the business and there is fierce competition within Knightsbridge escorts agencies to hire the best escorts.

Now, someone has put the cat amongst the pigeons and open up a new elite Knightsbridge escorts agency. It is called Only the Best, and features some of the best Knightsbridge escorts. The new agency is a bit more expensive than the other ones in the local area but I notice that many of the escorts are multilingual, and some of the girls even speak Arabic and Japanese.

Taking a closer look at the agency, it seems like it is planning to only cater for international business men and visitors, and even its website is multi lingual. The languages the girls speak are clearly pointed out, and reading in between the lines, it sounds like a very sophisticated service, and they even offer male escorts.

One of our regular contributors, Alan, dates a lot internationally and we asked him to check out the agency. he was only to glad to do so, and on one of his very rare day offs, he made a date with a lovely escort called Angel.

Only the Best

My first contact with the agency was excellent. The front desk staff were truly amazing, and went though everything with me on the phone. They asked me a lot of questions in a very delicate way, and offered me Angel who sounded like she had been sent from heaven just for me.

Angel is a 5 ft 6 blonde who has been dating for three years. Before working in London she used to work in Dubai, and you could tell there was something very special about her. She had been born in England but had moved to the Middle East at any early age. Angel speaks English, Arabic and French and is probably one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever seen,

She moves like a cat around her boudoir and set listening to me whilst we chatted without taking her eyes of me. I really liked her a lot, and I wished I had arranged for two hours, but I guess I will have to come back.

Your are not going to believe this but Angel knows how to belly dance. She has trained professionally but I was still amazed. I had never seen a white girl belly dance before, and it was a very sensual experience. Our date ended far too soon, and I can’t wait to see Angel again. She must be one of the best elite Knightsbridge that I have ever met, and I would certainly recommend her services. But then again, I am not sure I should be writing this and I don’t really want to share her with anybody else, I wish she was all mine.

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