Does the five date rule work?

Are there really any rules to dating? When should you sleep with your new boyfriend or love interest? Well, I have got news for you. You should sleep, or have sex with your new boyfriend when you are ready. Most London escorts that I know say that all of these rules, 3 date or 5 date rule, are silly. If you fall in love with your boyfriend, sleep with otherwise not. What is the point in sending texts, long chats and checking somebody out if you don’t really fancy them. Most London escorts say the the 5 date rule sound like a load of black mail. I have seen you five times, no sleep with me??? That doesn’t work for me.

I knew my husband for about three months before I went to bed with him. We touched, we kissed but like I told my London escort girl, I did not go to bed with him. I know that many girls are very keen to jump into bed with their new boyfriends but where are all of these silly rules coming from. Surely, like I said to my London escorts girls, it should have to do with the way you feel. There are many indicators that the guy is right for you and that is what you should look for, and believe me, it has nothing to do with flowers.

Is he a nice person? I have noticed that a lot of dating sites don’t discuss about your boyfriends personality. I would always focus on a guys’ personality first of all and I know that most London escorts do that as well. My husband is a nice guy and one of the first things he did was to make me laugh. That mattered a lot and he still makes me laugh and giggle like a little school girl. Every London escort girl says that my husband is very gentle. That is true as well and is another thing that I appreciate.

All London escort always say that we should focus on finding nice people to spend our time with not guys who just give us things. Okay, I am not any different from many London escorts, I appreciate receiving flowers as well, but it is not the most important part of the relationship. There are many other things that are important. Perhaps we seldom take the time to get to know more about the person these days but we honestly should, I promise you the sex will be better.

I am surprised that there are women out there who will count down the dates to sex, I would never dream of doing this. We should not ever let this thought enter our heads until we are really sure about the person in front of us. But then again it can be argued that not all of us are serious about our relationship and may not want to spend a lot of time with that person. I have never approached a relationship that way so this is a very alien thought to me. Perhaps I am old fashioned.

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