Do we need transgender escorts?

I have been dating here at Paddington escorts for the last three years and I have encountered all sorts of situation. But, one of my gents really surprised me. He told me that he had to cancel our dinner date as he was taken his transgender escort Mikaela instead. I was totally shocked, and cannot believe that my real assets had been dumped for a bloke with all fake assets. To me this was totally unbelievable, and I did not really know what to do with myself. But, I picked myself off the floor and carried on.


Easy Going Paddington Escorts
Easy Going Paddington Escorts

Apparently, the latest trend in London is to date transgender escorts. I am sure that it works for some people but I cannot really see it taking off in a big way. However, quite a few of the gents who have been regular at Paddington escorts are doing it. I talked about it with the boss, and he thought it was just a trend. I remember that he said the same thing when duo dating first became popular. Duo dating is still with us and I think that transgender escort dating could be here to stay as well.


The thing with escorting is that you need to be able to accept all sorts of things. Most of the girls who worked for Paddington escorts ten years ago would probably not believe their ears if they heard about duo dating and escorts for couples. However, most of us now accept both as standard dating practices and don’t make a big deal of it. I have the funny feeling that we are going to be doing exactly the same thing with transgender dating in a couple of years time.


I have been chatting to the girls here at Paddington escorts about it, and they think that there is nothing we can do. Sure, it is going to take away some business from us, but overall, it should not affect us too much. It is kind of strange how it has all worried us, and how it has made us feel. We all feel a bit put out that a man should prefer a transgender gal over us.


Personally, I keep trying to come up with new ideas that could make my little world here at Paddington escorts more exciting for my dates. Perhaps I should go out and buy myself a tuxedo and dress up like a man.It really makes you wonder. Thankfully the gent who dated Mikaela that evening has been back to see me. He just really liked her and they have become friends. Mikaela does not work as an escort, instead she works as a barmaid. She is totally stunning, and I have to admit that she sounds like quite a nice person as well. At first, I thought I was going to be really jealous but now I am actually looking forward to meeting her instead. It could be that we will end up the best of friends. Everybody needs a Mikaela in their life!

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