Dating tip of the day from London escorts

I am not sure if I should be handing out dating tips, says Tina from London escorts, but here it goes. The truth is that I don’t mind giving advice to my girlfriends here at London escorts, but giving advice in general is something else. But, it could be good as it gives me an opportunity to analyze what I truly do and if I get it right or not. Just because you date a lot, doesn’t mean that you always get it right. All gents are unique and you may not immediately fit together. After all, we are all so very different, smiles Tina.

Yes, I think that most London escorts think it is important to pay attention to your general appearance. I have a passion for dressing and love to find all of the latest fashions when it comes to evening and day wear. Lingerie is important as well, so I focus on that a lot. Evening wear is important when you go on dinner dates, and as part of London escorts, I do a lot of those. Dresses are best for the evening but it all depends on wear you are going. Cocktail dresses are the best as they are at home almost anywhere.

Make up is important, and you should never over do it. I know some London escorts who go overboard when it comes to make up, and I think that is wrong. Too much make up can easily make you look like Barbie doll, and gents don’t appreciate that. It could be a good idea to pop into one of the many great make-up counters around the department stores here in London, and find a range that suits you. A lot of London escorts have done just that, and I think it is a great help.

Shoes, what can I say, are really important, giggles Tina. I got this really wrong when I first started at London escorts. I used to wear stilettos everywhere but soon realized that stilettos look out of place sometimes. Looking at some of the find London ladies, I would recommend court shoes or sling backs. They can look great with a cocktail dress, and I know that most London escorts keep a couple of pairs in their wardrobes. They are both comfortable to walk in and look really smart. The great thing is that they don’t have to cost the earth to look smart.

My best piece of advice for a date is to wear a smile, says Tina. It is so easy to forget to smile, but it makes all of the difference in the world. Even when I am not at London escorts, I walk around smiling a lot. It seems to lift my mood, and I notice a lot of people smile back. Personally, I think that smiles are missing in our daily lives, and I think that we should all smile more. That is perhaps the best London escorts advice I can give to other ladies, says Tina with a smile.

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