Bow Escorts are always the best to book every time you feel down

There came in our life that we feel bad about ourselves, the unforeseen happenings and hated how our life goes. All of us experience hardships and tough times, and it was not easy as we see it. Its terrible and bad, not all people understand us, we came to the point that we just want to give up because of there’s nothing to cry anymore, tears are gone, and you see the world as dark as it is.


Yes, there are times we want to surrender because we can’t fight it anymore. Sometimes we thought of bad things such as committing suicide because we can’t deal with it.No matter how much we tried to fit in the box it seems that the people around us do not accept us. I felt like nobody likes me, feel so small about myself. How I wish before that God take my life in order not to feel this pain anymore.

My depression severe when my girlfriend left me, the feeling was the same when my mother leaves me too. Both of them made a promise, but nothing happens. They broke their promise to me and it’s sad because they were the people I trust the most. That’s when I feel that I wasn’t excellent and lovable enough.


I asked God what is my purpose in this world if he just put me here to experience pain. It started when I was eight years old; I thought I would have a great childhood. Having a complete and happy family was the best thing God has blessed me. But when my parents separated, that’s when I start to doubt every people. I doubt if they were genuine to me, I become more sensitive and observant. I don’t want to socialize a lot, most of my time I isolated myself. I am more comfortable when I am alone, yet I had continued my studies.


I speak less to people and ignore some. Many tell bad things about me, and its added my depression. Every night I think a lot, blaming myself and hurting. I feel good whenever I did it to myself. Until I knew Veronica, who forced herself to know me. She exerted effort just for me, and slowly I learned to open my life with her. We get comfortable with each other and later on have a relationship.


But our relationship doesn’t go long, her parents send her far away from me, and she never fights for what we have. I tried to book Bow Escorts to ease the pain in me and help me recover, which they never disappointed me. I am glad that everytime I book Bow Escorts my confidence level increase. Bow Escorts from are always the best to book every time you feel down


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