A gay man stole my handbag!

When I was out shopping the other day, I had my handbag stolen. I never before had my handbag stolen, or been robbed in my entire life before. What really got me was that the guy was so brazen about it. Fortunately, I had taken my wallet out to pay for something, and as I stood there with the bag hanging over my shoulder in a relaxed fashion, he snatched my bag. My phone was on my front pocket of my jeans, so I was okay. It was just annoying, and like I said to my dates at Bond Street escorts, my shoulder hurt.

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I did report the theft to the police, they gave me a crime number and told me to claim on my home insurance. Apparently, there has been a lot of theft recently, and they think that the guy going around stealing the bags, is a gay guy. I am not sure how they have been able to find this information, but he seems to be rather a nice thief on one level. Apparently he returns phones and wallets with any belongings to the police, and just keep the handbags.

The other girls at Bond Street escorts had never heard about this guy, and he was knew to me as well. You meet all sorts of characters at Bond Street escorts, and I keep wondering if he is one of the guys I date. A couple of them are a little bit on what I would call the gay side, but I don’t think that they would have the time to be running around and stealing handbags if I am honest. I am sure this guy is just in general getting a kick out of it.

But, like one of the girls at Bond Street escorts said, this guy could be making money selling the bags. According to the police, the only kind of bags he steals are designer handbags, and if you sell them, you can make some serious money. I am not sure how the police is going about investigating this crime, but if I were them, I would check out some of the local pawn brokers. The police says they believe the bags are being sold eBay, but honestly, I cannot see that at all. He would not get enough money on eBay.

Fortunately, it was not my only designer handbag, but it was a special bag. One of my regular dates at Bond Street escorts had given it to me, and as he has now moved away, it has become a memory to me. I have even thought about putting an advert in the paper asking him to return my bag to me. Sure, I can understand that we all need to make a living anyway we can, but at the end of the day, it can be rather heart breaking when something special gets stolen. I am sure that most ladies would agree with that, and I guess it is only really ladies who think that handbags are special.

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